About Us

IMG_5364Our Mission

iDREAM Express is committed to empowering out-of-school youth across the globe through imagination, Discovery, Research, Education, Art & Music. With a well-equipped mobile learning center, we provide opportunities that encompass primary academic foundation, hygiene and nutrition. 

Our Vision

We are an organization of passionate individuals overcoming illiteracy, hunger and hopelessness through the use of mobile learning centers in different towns, provinces and countries. We envision a world full of children who are equipped with the education and skills necessary to achieve their dreams and be our future.


Our Story

iDREAM Express was founded in 2014 by Liza Villanueva. Liza created iDREAM Express to tackle the lack of education in impoverished areas.

After visiting the Philippines for the first time at seven years old, Liza noticed that youth homelessness was a large, serious issue, and realized that ultimately, the children living on the streets were not attending school. Nine years later, it was time for Liza to plan her Gold Award project for Girl Scouts. She decided that it was the perfect time to help those children.

Liza established iDREAM Express at the age of 16 after six months of planning and fundraising.

The debut mobile learning center is currently stationed in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines, the hometown of Liza’s parents. We plan to expand and eventually have mobile learning centers worldwide.

Will you join us?